Kitchen Cutlery

Kitchen Knives

From the versatile chef’s knife to the precise paring knife, browse our wide selection of your most common kitchen knives and be prepared for any task whether you’re chopping vegetables, deboning fish, or garnishing fruits.

Cutters, Slicing and Carving Knives

Find the proper tool for carving a turkey or slicing through a delicate loaf of bread with our assortment of carving knives, bread knives, and slicing knives. We offer several different handle styles, blade lengths, and edge types to suit your needs.

Knife Sharpening Tools

Dull knives can be both frustrating and very unsafe to use. Avoid serious injury and keep your production lines moving with high quality knife sharpening tools and equipment like manual and electric knife sharpeners and sharpening steels.

Knife Bags, Sanitizers, and Block Sets

Keeping your valuable knife set clean, organized, and protected is a priority whether you’re a professional chef or home cook. Shop our collection of knife bags and rolls, knife sanitizers, and block sets and keep your cutlery in optimal condition.

Japanese Knives

Whether you’re looking for a nakiri for finely chopping vegetables or a sashimi knife for delicately slicing through raw fish, find an assortment of beautiful and unique Japanese cutlery perfect for preparing any dish in this incredibly popular cuisine.

Kitchen Shears

Browse our selection of all-purpose kitchen shears and scissors perfect for a variety of tasks from slicing open food packages to cutting poultry or chopping through all types of herbs precisely and effectively.

Fruit and Vegetable Prep

Find the tools you need for prepping fruits and vegetables to serve in any dish like salad, soup, dessert, and more. From vegetable peelers to apple corers or mandoline slicers to spiralizers, we have something for every job.