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Pan Rack

    A sheet pan rack is an essential, space-efficient storage solution for diverse culinary settings such as restaurants, bakeries, cafes, catering businesses, or supermarkets. These racks are designed to neatly organize multiple sheet pans in a single, compact area, eliminating clutter on countertops. They are also ideal for ensuring the proper cooling of freshly baked items like cookies, dinner rolls, scones, and various pastries.

    Available in a range of sizes, capacities, and designs, there is a wide selection of sheet pan racks to meet specific food preparation needs. Open-style bun pan racks offer the convenience of loading and unloading trays from all sides. In contrast, enclosed cabinet racks provide added protection for food during storage and transport. Additionally, nesting racks are available, which are perfect for space-saving storage when not in use. Depending on your volume requirements, choose from half-height racks for smaller operations or full-height racks for handling larger quantities.

    These versatile racks can be positioned throughout your commercial kitchen, from preparation areas to walk-in freezers, enhancing workflow efficiency. They are particularly useful for prepping large batches of sides and desserts ahead of busy periods, keeping everything accessible for seamless meal service. Each bun pan rack features casters for effortless mobility and transport, with brakes to securely lock them in place as needed. To optimize your kitchen operations even more, think about complementing these racks with extra accessories such as bun rack covers, sheet pans, and protective oven mitts and gloves.