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Storage Racks

    In any foodservice or hospitality setting, storage racks are a vital element for maintaining organization. Explore our range of options, including freestanding dunnage racks to elevate food items off the ground and ceiling-mount models to save valuable floor space. Additionally, we offer mobile racks, perfect for transporting supplies, dishware, and food seamlessly from one area to another.

    For restaurants, cafes, dining halls, or bars, our storage racks are designed to streamline daily operations. Equip your kitchen or bar with specialized racks for sheet pans, food pans, and bakery trays. Plus, consider our warewashing racks for safely cycling dishes through your commercial dishwasher. Discover racks with slanted shelves, fantastic for displaying pies, cakes, scones, and other baked goods in cafes or bakeries, as well as liquor display racks for breweries, liquor stores, or wineries. These versatile items are also great for holding bins of silverware, napkins, and condiments, aiding servers in efficiently setting dining tables.

    Utilizing a lug rack or other storage solutions ensures your establishment stays organized, leading to smoother operations. Keep canned goods, ingredients, pans, and fryer baskets neatly stored and easily accessible for your staff. Moreover, these racks boast an open-wire design that not only allows dishware to air dry in a hygienic manner but also prevents dust accumulation on food items, enhancing overall cleanliness and efficiency. For other great supplies for your establishment, check out our Pan Racks, Lug & Tote Boxes and Food Storage Containers.