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Commercial Blenders

    Explore a versatile range of bar blenders, commercial food blenders, and combination blenders for diverse culinary tasks. Ideal for mixing thick smoothies, crafting hearty soups, and blending frozen cocktails, these robust appliances are designed for both foodservice kitchens and bar tops, ensuring durability under frequent use. Capable of breaking down ice, these blenders offer transparency options with glass or shatterproof plastics like copolyester and polycarbonate.

    Discover stainless steel blenders for unparalleled durability. Opt for a small commercial blender for light-duty blending or choose larger capacity models for high-volume restaurants. Each jar features convenient measurement markings, facilitating seamless measuring and blending in a single unit. Control options range from electronic styles and programmable models to toggle or paddle switches.

    Our professional blenders are user-friendly, ensuring any staff member can operate them effortlessly. Tailor your choice with commercial blenders specifically designed for drinks, those adept at handling solid ingredients, or versatile units capable of both. Select from bar blenders with and with-out electronic controls, paddle or toggle switches, or programmable styles, catering to diverse culinary needs, from puréeing sauces to blending smoothies and mixing cocktails with bar drink mixes. Explore our variety of polycarbonate and stainless steel jar types, allowing you to choose a transparent or opaque model based on your preferences. Complete your beverage station setup and explore our wide range of Beverage Equipment.