Italforni Tunnel Classic TC Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven

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    TUNNEL CLASSIC: the only electric conveyor belt oven with static cooking on stainless steel net, with use of trays and molds. Ease of use, perfect cooking and very low consumption allow it to be used even by non-specialized personnel.

    The most compact on the market, it can be integrated into any automatic production line. Tunnel is excellent for cooking many products, such as pizzas, focaccia, Arabian bread, tortillas, piadine, bruschetta, crostini, chicken wings, meats.

    Special configurations of tunnel ovens for intensive and industrial use are made (on request).


    Armored Heating
    Stainless steel sheathed heating element.

    Steel Mesh
    Conveyor belt with copper steel mesh.

    Cooking Chambers
    The TUNNEL CLASSIC and TUNNEL STONE ovens have cooking chambers with independent electronic temperature regulation for baking floor and ceiling. They can easily be controlled and set by the operator and they guarantee excellent cooking results of any sort of food.

    External Temperature
    Thanks to the excellent insulation, the external temperature of the oven is constantly at 30°, in order to guarantee maximum safety during working hours.

    The self-lubricating bearings allow you to forget about routine maintenance.

    Thermal Insulation
    Thermal insulation guaranteed by the best materials available on the market and by over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high temperature ovens.

    Wheels with brake
    The oven support is equipped with four practical wheels with brake.

    Adjustable inlet and outlet shutters.

    Conveyor belt
    Adjustable conveyor belt speed.

    Crumb collection trays
    The two removable crumb collection trays are placed at the tunnel inlet and outlet allow for easy cleaning.

    450° C
    Maximum cooking temperature 450° C.

    Dimensions and weight
    +30% Dimension/production ratio compared to other ovens available on the market.

    The Encoder Kit allows you to manage ceiling and baking floor temperatures and baking time digitally. The PLC lets you to set up to 25 programs extremely quickly and accurately, keeping the cooking values constant, thanks to an encoder installed on the motor.


     Model Depth (cm) Width (cm)
    TCA 177 108
    TCB 211 122
    TCC 247 142
  • Made in Italy This product was made in Italy.
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