PM2.5 5 Layers Filter Protective Anti-Pollution Face Mask - Black - 5/Pack

CAD $15.00 / each
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    • 5/Pack, black
    • Anti bacteria and dust resistant
    • Minimize exposure from harmful airborne tiny particle matter PM 2.5
    • Prevent the spread of germs and other bacteria
    • Bendable nose strip for comfortable wear
    • Fully cover your face
    Product Description

    Made of activated carbon 2.5 PM filter, this 5 layer face mask is ideal to protect your mouth and face from tiny particles in the air like dust, haze, allergies, smoke, pollution, ashes and other heavy metal particles.

    The PM 2.5 mask comes in 5 layers. The first layer of spunbond filters out micron-sized dust; the second layer filters industrial pollutants, car exhaust, second-hand smoke and pollen allergens. The third layer of activated carbon cloth filters out micron-sized dust; the fourth layer provides filter density for smaller materials. The fifth layer of spunbond filters out various harmful substances. Bringing you a safe breathing experience.

    Thanks to its design, the mask is fashionable and fits your face perfectly. It comes with elastic comfortable strap and bendable nose clip to give maximum protection and comfort to the users. 5 face mask per package.


    • Made of activated carbon 5 layer filter
    • Dust resistant PM2.5
    • Elastic strap with bendable nose strip for comfortable wear
    • 5 masks per pack
    • One size fit all
    Number Per Pack 5
    Type PM 2.5 Air Pollution
    Material Activated Carbon
    Colour Black
    Product Type Face Mask

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