Nella Knife Set With Cutting Board - 1068/109090

CAD $39.99 / each
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    • Set include 1 Cutting Board, 1 Boning Knife, 1 chef knife & 1 Bread Knife
    • Cutting Board is made of red birch wood
    • Cutting Board Size: 12" long x 5" wide
    • Extremely strong and durable
    • Provide an elegant look to your kitchen
    • 10" Curved Knife
    • 6" Boning Knife
    • 8" Chefs Knife
    Product Description

    A great addition for your kitchen, this Nella 12" x 5" Red Birch Cutting Board - NB-109090 is durable, high quality with beautiful finish will serve your kitchen for years to come.

    Made of red birch wood, this cutting board is extremely strong and durable, and so is a smart choice for hardwood cutting board. Thanks to its beautiful appearance, this cutting board is fine grained and has a pale color that gives it an elegant look to clean line furniture designs.

    This Nella's cutting board measures 8 inches wide and 13 inches long, making it easy to chop, dice or mince vegetables, cheese, meats and other ingredients while its flat surface is easily wipe clean.

    Carving knives are designed for slicing large cuts of cooked meats. The bread knives are designed with serrated blades for slicing large leaves of bread.

    The blade of a boning knife is thin and short, it is made to slip easily between the flesh and bone while cutting. Proper use of a boning knife allows you to quickly de-bone meat and increase your yield while reducing waste

    Our knives are made of premium quality stainless steel. Each profile has been designed to exacting standards to ensure strength and durability. They are available in various handle types, colors, and blade configurations to suit your needs. The average cook knife is 8-10 inches, and if you examine the knife on its side, you'll note that the blade heel is the widest part of the knife. When youミre slicing ingredients that are tough you'll get the most leverage over your ingredients when you cut from the knife heel.

    Model 1068/109090
    Bread Knife Length 10 inches
    Bread Knife Width 1 inches
    Bread Knife Height 0.5 inches
    Boning Knife Length 6 inches
    Boning Knife Width 1 inches
    Boning Knife Height 0.5 inches
    Chefs Knife Length 8 inches
    Chefs Knife Width 1 inches
    Chefs Knife Height 0.5 inches
    Cutting Board Length 30 inches
    Cutting Board Width 13 inches
    Cutting Board Height 1 inches
    Weight 1.5 Lbs

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