Lotus CP-94G Gas Pasta Cooker

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    • Cooks pasta, vegetables, rice and eggs
    • 10.56 gallon (40 L) capacity
    • 47,600 BTU/hr of power
    • Features thermocouple and overfill safety valves
    • CrNi 18/10 AISI 304 stainless steel exterior and AISI 316 corrosion-resistant interior
    Product Description

    Serve more customers and prepare a variety of dishes faster and more efficiently with the Lotus CP-94G Gas Pasta Cooker.

    You’ll be able to cook any kind of pasta, vegetables, rice, and eggs in no time with the Lotus CP-94G.

    This commercial pasta cooker holds 10.56 gallons (40 L) of water and can fit a number of various sized baskets for cooking different foods at one time. The CP-94G provides 47,600 BTU/hr of power and features an electric burner ignition and pilot light.

    The exterior of the unit is constructed out of CrNi 18/10 AISI 304 grade stainless steel and features a Scotch-Brite satin polish finish, making it incredibly durable and easy to clean. The inner tank is made of corrosion-resistant AISI 316 stainless steel.

    The CP-94G also features a highly convenient drainage tray located at the front of the tank so you can easily rest the freshly cooked baskets of pasta right on top and allow water to drain out completely, avoiding any messes.

    Model CP-94G
    Width 15.74 inches
    Depth 35.43 inches
    Height 35.43 inches
    Tank Width 12.08 inches
    Tank Depth 20.03 inches
    Tank Height 12.87 inches
    Voltage 230V
    Hertz 50/60 Hz
    Capacity 10.56 gal. (40 L)
    Total BTU 50,000
    Total Power 13.95 kW
    Power Type Natural Gas
    Gas Connection 1/2 inch
    Water Connection 3/4 inch
    Material Stainless Steel
    Type Pasta Cooker
  • Made in Italy This product was made in Italy.
  • CE Certified This item has been assessed and meets health, safety, and environmental requirements set by CE.
  • 1/2" Gas Connection This unit uses a 1/2" gas inlet connection.
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