Axis GPC-1 Single Natural Gas Pasta Cooker

CAD $3,999.00 / each
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    • Cooks fresh or dried pasta, and rethermalizes
    • 10.56 gallon capacity
    • 50,000 BTU/hr of power
    • Features a safety shutoff and overflow area safeguards
    • 6 small stainless steel mesh baskets included
    • Stainless steel body and AISI 316 corrosion-resistant tank
    • 6-inch adjustable stainless steel legs
    Product Description

    Serve more customers and improve your overall service by making all your best pasta dishes faster and more efficiently with the Axis GPC-1 Single Natural Gas Pasta Cooker.

    You can cook fresh or dried pasta or even just rethermalize it with the Axis GPC-1.

    This commercial pasta cooker holds 10.56 gallons (40 L) of water and comes equipped with six small baskets. The baskets are made from a stainless steel mesh and come with ergonomically positioned handles making them easy to move around or remove when you have a number of pasta dishes on the go.

    The GPC-1 provides 50,000 BTU/hr of power and features a piezo-electric burner ignition. The burner technology used to heat the water is highly efficient and focuses the bulk of the heat on the back of the tank, creating a convective flow in the water. This eliminates the need to stir the pasta, allowing you and your cooks to focus your attention on other preparations.

    The entire unit is constructed out of stainless steel making it incredibly durable. The inner tank is made of a single piece of AISI 316 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and especially important due to the harsh effects of salt water. A highly convenient drainage tray is located at the front of the tank so you can easily rest a freshly cooked basket of pasta right on top and allow water to drain out completely, avoiding any messes.

    Model GPC-1
    Width 15.75 inches
    Depth 37.4 inches
    Height 37.4 inches
    Capacity 10.56 gal. (40 L)
    Total BTU 50,000
    Power Type Natural Gas
    Gas Connection 1/2 inch
    Water Connection 1/2 inch
    Baskets Included 6 (Small Size)
    Material Stainless Steel
    Type Pasta Cooker
  • ETL Certified Determined through independent testing and periodic follow-up inspections by NRTL. This item meets North American product safety standards and published industry standards.
  • 1/2" Gas Connection This unit uses a 1/2" gas inlet connection.
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