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Hollymatic 8/65 Gourmet Patty Machine

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Product Overview

  • Standard ROTO-FLOW fill system
  • Continuous edge guide, automatic paper feed
  • Rotating cone shaped hopper
  • Adjustable patty compression
  • Interchangeable mold plate assembly
  • Automatic feed system for consistent patty weight
  • Interlocking safety guards
  • Integrated oiling system for reduced sticking
  • Optional accessories for customizing patty size and shape

The Hollymatic 8/65 Gourmet Patty Machine is the perfect solution for foodservice operations looking to expedite their burger-making process. It is designed to produce gourmet patties. The gear-driven ROTO-FLOW system forms meat columns that are gently twisted together to form the best textured patty available. This machine is capable of forming up to 8 burgers per minute, and up to 65 per hour. Constructed out of durable stainless steel, this machine is designed for long-term use in commercial kitchens.

The 8/65 Gourmet Patty Machine comes equipped with adjustable thickness controls, allowing you to create burgers with a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Its non-stick coating ensures that burgers come out clean and easily, with minimal sticking. The machine also has an ergonomic design for easy operation and cleaning.

This patty machine is ideal for making burgers, sliders, and other patties with a consistent shape and size. It is easy to operate, and its powerful motor ensures high-speed production. The Hollymatic 8/65 Gourmet Patty Machine is the perfect addition to any foodservice operation looking to streamline their burger-making process.

Model 8/65
Width 70.12 Inches
Depth 42.37 Inches
Height 64.25 Inches
Speed 3900 Patties per hour
Hopper Automatic index feed, 200 lb. capacity
Paper Feed 4½”, 5”, 5½”, or 6” (Automatic paper interleaving system)
Portion Size Standard up to 8 ounces per stroke, 5½” diameter max. Roto-FLOW
Mold Plate MOLD PLATE: 3/16” and 1/4” metal
5/16” to 1-1/4” plastic
Hopper Feed Auger Adjustable stroke
Electronic Counter Adjustable up to 5½” stack height or continuous run
Electrical Contact us for the availability
Product Type Patty Machine Maker