F. Dick 11" Ultra Fine Cut Flat Steel - 72000280

CAD $203.55 / each
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    • Flat 11 inches, finely crafted
    • Grooves with hook effect in strong pressure
    • Safe due to the high-quality fittings
    • Surfaces for fine abziehen with light pressure
    • Balanced tapering to the tip, wear-resistant surface
    Product Description

    This F. Dick 11" Ultra Fine Cut Flat Steel - 72000280 is made of sharpening steel. There are seven steels in one tool, makes for a convenient piece of equipment to have handy in the kitchen.


    • Fine cut for a grinding effect use strong pressure
    • For honing the edge apply a light pressure
    • Ultra fine cut
    • The special handle ensures a safe grip

    The F. Dick Company has been a manufacturer of high quality products since 1778. We want to impress our customers with the highest quality standards, innovative products and extensive services. We want to attain these goals by maintaining the good, successful and established components, but also by research and development, partnerships and constant growth in order to increase the attractiveness of our products and the profit for our customers.

    Model 72000280
    Blade Length 11 inches
    Width 2.9 inches
    Height 1.5 inches
    Material Steel
    Features Ultra Fine Cut
    Shape Flat Oval
    Cut Fine Cut
    Product Type Knife Sharpener

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