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Dadaux ICÔNE 700 BACON Horizontal Meat Slicer

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Product Overview

  • Automatic return
  • Smooth and saw­toothed or microsawtoothed blades
  • Chop cutter cleaning : with water
  • Hydraulic (or electric) advance system
  • Complies with CE standard

Efficiently slice and process large quantities of meat and fish, both with and without bones, with the Dadaux ICÔNE 700 BACON Horizontal Meat Slicer

It features an advanced hydraulic (electric) feed system that guides the meat smoothly and effectively through the machine. This attribute is particularly essential for intensive use where the machine is operated under especially humid conditions or colder environments.

The ICONE 700 BACON chop cutter comes equipped with a 3+0.75 CV motor and offers three cutting speeds 90 and 180 cutting per minute. This horizontal meat slicer also allows you to select either a step-by-step or continuous thrust depending on the type of product being cut.


  • Automatic return. ­
  • Smooth and saw­toothed or microsawtoothed blades. ­
  • Selection of thrust: step by step and continuous according of different products to slice. ­
  • Chop cutter cleaning : with water. ­
  • 2 cadences of cut : 90 and 180 cutting/min. ­
  • Connecting power : 4 CV. ­
  • Hydraulic (or electric) advance system : this principe is necessary for an intensive use in heavy conditions (humidity and cold). ­

Other features include:

  • Control panel
  • Foldaway gutter
  • Inclined and embossed canal that limits friction beneath the product
  • Standard claw mechanism
Width 70 inches
Depth 36.3 inches
Height 56.9 inches
Tension TRI,400 V/50 Hz
Motor 3+0.75 CV
Loading Magazine 250 x 18- x 720 mm
Knives Engine 2.2 kW
Engine Advance 0.55 kW
Product Type Horizontal Meat Slicer
  • Made in France This product was made in France.
  • CE Certified This item has been assessed and meets health, safety, and environmental requirements set by CE.

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