Cuisinox POT-426FMX Super Elite 10.3” Non-Stick Fry Pan

$127.45 / each
Product Description

Expertly fry, sear, and sauté delicious meals with the Cuisinox Super Elite 10.3” Non-Stick Fry Pan.

It’s the perfect pan for frying an egg, omelet, and other delicate foods thanks to its non-stick coating. The Dupont Platinum coating used on these fry pans is PFOA-free, so you can be sure that no harsh chemicals are being leached into your food.

The non-stick surface also allows you to cook with little to no extra fat like oil and butter, making your meals much healthier.

This Cuisinox 10.3-inch fry pan can be used on all cooking surfaces but is specially designed to be used with induction cooktops thanks to its magnetic properties. It also features a sturdy but hollow handle making the pan lighter and much easier to maneuver around the stove.

When you’re finished cooking, the pan can be safely placed in the dishwasher for an effortless clean.

Model POT-426FMX
Diameter 10.3 inches / 26 cm
Material Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Induction Ready Yes
Shape Round
Oven Safe Not recommended
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Type Fry Pan