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Cookshack Smokette Fast Eddys By Cookshack Wood Pellet Smoker Oven - FEC100

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Product Overview

  • 8 Programmable, Customizable Cooking Presets
  • Alarm Cycle
  • 16 Character LED Display
  • USB port for downloading up to 512 hours of cook time onto a FAT formatted USB flash drive
  • Features 3-stage, 2-stage and probe mode cooking options

Flip a switch to auto-start; no tending a fire, cooks overnight with no attention needed. Consistent flavor results! With the FEC's precisely regulated patented wood delivery system there is no chance of having too much or too little smoke and changing the flavor of the meat. Because the FEC100 is 100% wood burning, for both its heat source and flavor source, results are consistent. In gas units and stick burners, the wood logs get smaller as they burn, and as new product is added, wood must be added as well. Since product is cooking while new wood is added, flavor is affected. Racks are removable and can be power washed for quick clean up. The shelves are easy to remove for cleaning. No professional set up required, just roll it in place and get started! The FEC100's rugged stainless steel interior and exterior is a stronger, higher grade of steel than the black carbon steel used in many other brands of smokers. This tough smoker is built on a tubular steel perimeter which will not warp or bend, even if the smoker is moved by a fork lift. This is one sturdy piece of equipment! Some other brands make a cheaper smoker, but no one makes a stronger one. We use 850°F Spin-Glas™ insulation, for superior heat retention and fuel savings, between the double layers of the FEC100's body. Your energy costs stay down because the smoker is not constantly re-heating due to heat loss. The smoker is dependable in all climate conditions. All seams are sealed so that no moisture can leak into the insulation, no fire danger (Unlike some other brands, we do not use mineral wool insulation because it deteriorates over time and it can absorb moisture if seams are merely riveted and not sealed. Grease-soaked insulation can be a fire hazard.)

Model FEC100
Outside Dimensions 42" X 23" X 65"
Food Capacity Up to 100 Lbs
Cooking Area (1,564
Temperature Range 130 F to 400 F
Electrical 36000 BTU F
Fuel Source 100% Wood Pellets
Pellet Hopper Capacity 35 Lbs
Shipping Weight 415 Lbs
  • Made in America This product was made in United States of America.
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