Breville BSM600SIL The Smoking Gun Smoke Infuser

CAD $109.99 / each
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    • Infuse smoky flavours into meat, fish, cheese, sauce, dip, nuts, cocktails, and more
    • Easy to use
    • Two fan speeds: gentle and intense smoke
    • Removable burning chamber
    • No heat - perfect for delicate foods
    Product Description

    Infuse all types of food and drink with delicious and natural smoky flavours with the Breville Smoking Gun Smoke Infuser.

    The Smoking Gun is the perfect finishing touch to any dish. It allows you to easily infuse a variety of food and drinks such as meat, fish, cheese, sauces, nuts, and even cocktails with flavours like smoky applewood, cherry, and hickory without adding any additional heat.

    It’s as simple as loading the infuser with wood chips, lighting it, and then allowing The Smoking Gun to gently blow smoke into any covered container. Stir or swirl the smoke inside and let it sit for a few minutes in order to effectively infuse all the flavours into virtually any type of food item you’ve prepared.

    The Smoking Gun features a two-speed control that lets you switch between gentle and intense smoke. The burning chamber is removable making it easy to load wood chips and clean out when finished. The infuser also uses a silicon smoke tube for added precision. The hose is simple to connect, clean, and store when not in use.

    Model BSM600SIL
    Length 4.9 inches
    Width 2.4 inches
    Height 6.4 inches
    Power Battery (4x AA Batteries)
    Speeds 2
    Colour Silver
    Base Material Diecast Stainless Steel
    Hose Material Silicon
    Type Cold Smoke Infuser

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