Classic Brick Pizza Oven - White

CAD $1,999.00 / each
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    • Wide 16-inch opening perfect for larger sized pizzas
    • 100% hand-made in Portugal
    • Can be left as is, or refinished with tiles, stucco, stonework etc.
    • 1.5 cm thick cast aluminum door with viewing window
    • Firebrick floor for crispier pizza crust
    • Rock wool insulation for extra heat retention and cooler exterior temperature
    Product Description

    Bake your own crisp and delicious wood fired pizza just like your local pizzeria with this 100% hand-made Classic Brick Pizza Oven.

    With it’s simple but classic design, this wood burning pizza oven can easily fit with any backyard décor and will definitely make a statement. The oven exterior is 39 inches by 39 inches wide and about 30 inches tall. It’s finished with a high quality refractory cement that’s been smoothed and painted so it can be left as is or easily re-finished with stucco, paint, tiles, or stones to personalize it even more.

    The interior is approximately 31 inches in diameter and features a 1.5 cm thick cast aluminum door with a glass viewing window, letting you monitor what’s cooking without letting out any excess heat. The opening is 16 inches wide so it can easily accommodate larger sized pizzas. The door also features two holes that can support dual rotisserie spits, adding even more function to this incredible outdoor oven.

    The pizza oven’s floor is constructed from firebricks rather than clay tiles for added durability. Firebricks also heat up more effectively, leaving you with perfectly cooked and crispy crust. The inside of the dome is made up of white refractory bricks that radiate heat inside the oven at every angle, eliminating the possibility of cold spots. The height of the dome provides intense heat without being damaging, making it perfect for baking all sorts of dishes like roasts, fish, paellas, stews, and bread.

    Model CLASSIC
    Width 39 inches
    Depth 39 inches
    Height 30 inches
    Oven Chamber Diameter 31 inches
    Oven Opening 16 inches
    Door Material Cast Aluminum
    Door Thickness 0.6 inches / 1.5 cm
    Viewing Window Yes
    Cooking Floor Firebrick
    Interior Dome Material Refractory Brick
    Chimney Material Stainless Steel
    Colour White
    Type Pizza Oven
  • Made in PortugalThis product was made in Portugal.
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