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Turbochef i5 28" High-Speed Countertop Impingement Oven - 208/240V, 1 Ph

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Product Overview

  • Independently-controlled dual motors for vertically-recirculated air impingement
  • Top-launched RF energy
  • It has a 208/240V, 1 Ph power supply.
  • Variable rack positioning
  • Smart menu system capable of storing up to 200 recipes
  • It also has a built-in catalytic converter that eliminates odors and smoke
  • It is designed for commercial kitchen use and is NSF certified

The Turbochef i5 High-Speed Countertop Impingement Oven is designed to provide fast, efficient cooking without compromising on quality. This countertop oven features rapid cook technology and can be used on the counter, eliminating the need for a large oven footprint. The oven's powerful impingement system uses two-speed convection fans to quickly heat food to its optimal temperature. Its 208/240V, 1 Ph power supply ensures powerful cooking performance.

The Turbochef i5 offers a variety of cooking modes including speed cook, microwave, conventional bake, and convection bake. This oven also features an intuitive user interface, making it easy to customize settings and recipes. The oven's heavy-duty cooking chamber is designed to evenly heat food, while its angled top-down impingement system ensures optimal results every time. The oven also features a self-cleaning interior and an automatic cool-down cycle.

The Turbochef i5 High-Speed Countertop Impingement Oven is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful, yet compact cooking solution. Its wide range of features makes it ideal for commercial kitchens and busy households alike. With its high-speed performance and easy-to-use interface, you can cook restaurant-level dishes in minutes.

Model I5-9500-1
Width 28.1 Inches
Depth 28.25 Inches
Height 24.3 Inches
Shelf Clearance 2 Inches
Chamber Capacity 22.2 cu. ft
Chamber Dimension 24" W X 16" D X 10" H
Voltage 208/240V
Frequency 60 Hz.
Wattage 9500/11500 Watts
Amperage 48 Amps
Product Type Microwave / Impingement Oven
  • UL Canada & USA Certified by Underwriters Laboratories, this product has been stringently tested and meets US and Canada's safety standards.
  • UL Classified EPH Complies with UL safety standards and ANSI/NSF standards.
  • CE Certified This item has been assessed and meets health, safety, and environmental requirements set by CE.
  • 6-50P This product comes with a NEMA 6-50P plug.
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