Nella 12 mm Lasagnette Cutter Attachment - 46305

CAD $248.33 / each
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    • Cuts noodles 12 mm wide
    • Makes flat pasta noodles
    • For use with Nella 13231 and 46292 manual and electric pasta sheeters
    • Speeds up pasta production
    • Consistently cuts noodles all the same width
    • Ideal for restaurant or demanding home use
    Product Description

    Speed up your pasta production while creating consistent and perfectly cut pasta noodles for your customers or guests with the Nella 13226 pasta cutter. Designed for restaurants or home use, these pasta cutters elevate your dish presentations by ensuring that each piece of freshly made pasta are the same width.

    This pasta cutting attachment can be used with:

    It’s designed to produce ultra thin, flat noodles 12 mm wide.

    Model 46305
    Old Model 13226
    Pasta Size 12 mm (0.43 inches)
    Noodle Shape Flat
    Works with Sheeter Models 13231 and 46292
    Packaging Length 11.25 inches
    Packaging Width 3.5 inches
    Packaging Height 3.5 inches
    Type Pasta Cutting Attachment
  • Made in Italy This product was made in Italy.
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