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Rational Combination Ovens

    Rational is known for their design and manufacturing of high-tech and high quality combi ovens. For over 40 years the company has been developing and improving their combi-steamers into the smart, multi-functional appliances they are today. To date, Rational has produced over 900,000 units, which have been installed in commercial kitchens all over the world.

    Rational’s entire product line is 100% European made, with all units being produced at one of their two locations in Landsberg am Lech, Germany and Wittenheim, France. Each item is looked at and stringently tested by four Rational employees before leaving the facility.


    In 1976, Rational introduced their first combi-steamer to the public after having the idea of combining the functions of a commercial steamer with those of a convection oven into one appliance.

    In 2004, Rational invented their original SelfCookingCenter, a multi-functional cooking appliance that allowed users to select the type of food being cooked and its desired results without having to enter complicated time, temperature, and humidity settings. The appliance could also manually cook with convection, steam, and combi-steam and be programmed with additional presets.

    Today, Rational has over 50% of the global market share for multi-functional appliances and their products can be found in over 100 countries worldwide.