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Commercial Range

    Juggling grills, ovens, and flattops can slow down any pro kitchen. Enter the commercial gas range with griddle: your one-stop solution for sizzling breakfasts, perfectly grilled entrees, and even baked goods.

    Choose from industry titans like Atosa, Garland, Southbend, US Range, and Vulcan, all offering gas ranges with griddle tops in electric, natural gas, and liquid propane configurations. Find the fuel source that keeps your kitchen humming.

    Whether you're in a compact bistro or a sprawling cafeteria, we've got a gas range with griddle for you. Many models boast space-saving features like storage bases or even convection ovens for faster, more even cooking. Plus, a range of burner configurations ensures you can tackle high-volume cooking with ease.

    These workhorses feature sturdy cast iron griddle surfaces and durable stainless steel construction, ready to withstand the heat of any busy kitchen. And because sanitation is key, most models are NSF-listed, simplifying cleaning and meeting industry standards.

    Need to steam vegetables or simmer a sauce? No problem. These versatile ranges offer open burners alongside the griddle, allowing you to cook a variety of dishes simultaneously.

    Browse our selection, compare features, and find the commercial gas range with griddle that perfectly complements your kitchen. Don't forget to explore our extensive inventory of cookware, fryers, and other essentials to equip your back-of-house for culinary success.