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Wood Burning Pizza Oven Class with Chef Joseph Mazarese

Wood Burning Pizza Oven Class with Chef Joseph Mazarese

Chef Joseph is a formally trained chef with over a decade of professional culinary experience. He has completed his training at George Brown college in Toronto and worked in many restaurants in Canada. Most recently Chef Joseph has worked and taught in Italy and Paris, France at the prestigious Ritz Escoffier cooking school. His specialty is Italian cuisine incorporating modern techniques and sophisticated plating.

This class will run with a maximum of 6 people for safety.
Free face masks will be provided.
Each station will be socially distanced and sneeze guards will be installed for maximum protection.

Class Times
1:00 - 3:30pm
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Class duration
Approx. 2.5 hrs.


148 Norfinch Dr. North York, Toronto, ON. M3N 1X8

Class structure
Treat yourselves to a date worthy afternoon with Nella's semi-private, socially distant pizza making workshop. Chef Mazarese will demonstrate and teach how to make authentic wood burning pizzas. 

  • Learn from a real Pizzaiolo and if you dare - try tossing the dough in the air!
  • Create your own pizza masterpiece with quality ingredients and watch it cook in an authentic, wood-burning pizza oven. 
  • Q&A with the Pizzaiolo. 
  • Take home the recipe and re-create pizzas in the comfort of your own home.
Gluten-free and other dietary options are available upon request. Send us an email! 

$150 per person
$275 for two 


  • Billy M
Nella's Rise to Success

Nella's Rise to Success

Carisolo Italy, is a small municipality in Trentino located approximately 30 kilometres northwest of Trento. Currently it has a population of 936 and boasts an area of 24.7 square kilometres. In the midst of this small town, founder Antonio Nella was born. As Antonio grew older, he began to realize opportunity was limited in Italy. Despite, beautiful mountains, gorgeous views and amazing foods, farming was an issue and the industry struggled to flourish. Back in the day, the gorgeous mountains acted as a barrier. Tourism did not exist, ski trips, lifts and vacations were not a thing. Unfortunately, regardless of the astonishing atmosphere, life was a struggle and having to survive daily was a common thing among the population.

Like most migrants, following the war Antonio Nella came to Canada to seek a better life. When Antonio Nella had arrived to Canada in 1950. He got by doing odd jobs in Toronto, until he was able to bring his family over from Italy. Once the family arrived, Angelo Povinelli donated a truck to Antonio to allow him to begin his knife sharpening business.

Angelo Povinelli started the knife rental service in the late 1950s. This knife service consisted of providing customers with sharpened knives and then exchanging the knives weekly with new sharpened ones. This brilliant method of servicing cutlery allowed Nella to expand from 2 mobile sharpening trucks to 25 rapidly. Nella began its service in Hamilton, Ontario with a 1,672 square meter (18,000 square foot) plant at Dosco Drive and Arvin Avenue. With such a quick increase in service, soon the business expanded over major cities across Ontario, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.

The most opportunistic moment in Nella’s history was getting into the bayonet business. The opportunity presented itself when 70,000 bayonets for the Department of National Defence was up for bid. Fortunately, Nella Cutlery had won the bid valued at an astonishing $1.7 million. At the time Gus Nella worried whether or not Nella would be able to produce vast and quality bayonets. "We never did this type of work before and we didn't think we would have a chance (of getting the contract) but we're happy we got it." "It's the first time we've ever done anything military. Now, maybe we can make more bayonets --- or survival knives."

The Nella’s were proud of the unique bayonets they had produced for the Canadian Armed Forces. "They're better than the American bayonets because we use a stainless-steel blade instead of a carbon steel blade," said Gus. Major John Mullarkey, project director for the CAF small arms replacement program, agreed the bayonets appear to be superior to the U.S. versions, adding "we're quite pleased with the quality."

Throughout the years, Nella has grown and established itself as a premier sales and service company in the food service industry. The foundation of knife sharpening still remains to be its core, however Nella also manufactures its own brands of cutlery and distributes a variety of restaurant equipment across North America and Europe.

Currently, Nella imports, manufactures and distributes a full line of food service equipment and supplies used in supermarkets, delicatessens, convenience stores, restaurants, casinos and more. With many top brand names to choose from and a large selection of quality used equipment, Nella’s experienced and helpful employees strive to assist customers in purchasing the right equipment within budget requirements.

Nella Toronto boasts three locations across the GTA.


  • 148 Norfinch Dr. Toronto, ON
  • 433 Queen St E. Toronto, ON
  • 1164 Ellesmere Road Scarborough, ON
  • Stefano Magliocchetti
Breville Pizzaiolo Demo Presentation

Breville Pizzaiolo Demo Presentation

Join us at our North York location from 11 am until 4 pm where we will have live presentation of the Pizzaiolo Oven. An amazing pizza oven that can cook wood fired style pizzas in 3 minutes!
Pitco Fryer Demo at Nella Toronto

Pitco Fryer Demo at Nella Toronto

Join us at our North York location from 11 am until 1 pm where we will have Chef Michael Angeloni from Union Chicken cooking up some fried chicken in our Pitco Fryers!
  • Jamie Bertolini
GRAND OPENING - Nella Toronto's New Scarborough Location - 1164 Ellesmere Road

GRAND OPENING - Nella Toronto's New Scarborough Location - 1164 Ellesmere Road

Come visit us at 1164 Ellesmere Rd. to see our brand new, fully-stocked 16,000 sq ft showroom in Toronto's East end.
  • Jamie Bertolini
RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter Live Demo - Register for free today!

RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter Live Demo - Register for free today!

Join us on August 29th at 11 a.m. for our Rational SelfCookingCenter Live Demo!
  • Jamie Bertolini