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Winston LP56 75 Lbs. Collectramatic Electric Pressure Fryer - 208V/3Ph

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Product Overview

  • Extra-large cold zone traps loose breading and batter sediment, preventing it from burning
  • Can perform as many as 30 cook cycles until the oil needs to be filtered or replaced
  • Able to cook up to 18 lbs. of friend chicken in 10 min.
  • Built for use with Winston's Quarter Rack system, allowing finished chicken to be taken directly from the fryer to the holding cabinet quickly with little operator involvement
  • Constructed of stainless steel for a long life
  • Self-regulating low pressure system uses few moving parts for easy maintenance

Winston’s Collectramatic® LP56 High Efficiency Pressure Fryer features an 8-channel processor control and a patented cold zone to prevent cracklings from scorching and tainting your shortening. It allows up to 360 lbs. of chicken (or equivalent) to be cooked between filterations. The LP56 has a 6-head capacity (or 18-lbs of food product), and holds 75-lbs of shortening.

Operators using Collectramatic® fryers can expect a consistent, evenly fried product every cook cycle, without babysitting. Foods are perfectly cooked on the outside, moist and delicious on the inside. Programmable microprocessor controls are easy to use and store cook times and temperatures for up to eight products. The unique design, cold zone collector, and filtration technology make all-day cooking possible with very little or no filtration. Flavor transfer is nearly eliminated and shortening life is dramatically extended.

Model LP56
Width 20 Inches
Depth 30 Inches
Height 50 Inches
Height (open) 61 Inches
Capacity 75 Lbs.
Voltage 208V
Hertz 60 Hz.
Phase 3
Series Collectramatic®
Product Type Pressure Fryer
  • UL Canada & USA Certified by Underwriters Laboratories, this product has been stringently tested and meets US and Canada's safety standards.
  • UL Certified Certified by Underwriters Laboratories, this product has been stringently tested and meets safety standards.
  • UL Classified EPH Complies with UL safety standards and ANSI/NSF standards.
  • CE Certified This item has been assessed and meets health, safety, and environmental requirements set by CE.
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