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Turbovac ADT TV60/80 Automatic Immersion Tank Controlled By Light Sensor - 18kW

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Product Overview

  • Dipping Platform with rollers
  • Cover
  • Exhaust hood, silicon curtain 3 sides
  • Automatic Filling Control
  • Foot Pedal Controller
  • Dip Time Controller

Turbovac ADT60-80 have hygienic easy-to-clean vacuum chambers, easily removable seal beams and silicon bars for easy cleaning. Intuitive digital control unit detects automatically the optimum vacuum level for products with high moisture content, preventing moisture to be evaporated out of the product.

Model ADT60/80
Depth 37 inches
Width 36 inches
Height 66 inches
Maximum Product Weight
30 Kg
Maximum Product Height
7.8 inches
Standard Voltage
Immersion Platform 31" x 22"
Dipping Platform With Rollers Slanted with gravity discharge
Water Content 175 ltr
Power Lifting Platform Pneumatic
Exhaust Hood, Silicon Curtain 3 Sides Standard
Standard Voltage 18 kW
Dip Time Controller Yes
  • NSF Certified This item meets NSF's standards that focuses on public health protection, ensuring the item is designed and constructed in a way that promotes food safety.