Sansaire SA15US 23 Liter Sous Vide Machine

CAD $259.00 / each
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    • Adjust the temperature with a twist of the ring
    • Easy to read display shows temperature within 0.1 of a degree
    • Hearty stainless steel clamp holds fast to the wall of your container
    • Available in three plug configurations
    Product Description

    The Sansaire SA15US 23 Liter Sous Vide Machine uses a bath of water to cook food. Unlike traditional way of cooking, food can not be overcooked by using sous vide machine.  


      • Precisely control the doneness of steak, and tenderize tough cuts.
      • Keep poultry juicy, and never worry about dried out white meat again.
      • Cook fish with confidence, whether you prefer your fillet lightly cooked or well done.
      • Experience the richness of sous vide eggs: perfect poaching, every time.
      • Retain all the nutrients in vegetables, and use less fat without sacrificing flavor.

      Safety: Overheat / low water level protection

      Model SA15US
      Width 4 inches
      Depth 4 inches
      Height 15 inches
      Heater Wattage 1100 Watts
      Bath Size 23 Liters / 6 Gallons
      Temperature Range 32 - 212°F / 0 - 100°C
      Temperature Stability ± 0.1 degree at 140°F / 60°C
      Product Type Sous Vide

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