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Pentole Agnelli ALMA16528 12" Aluminum Polenta Cauldron with Handle - 7 Qt.

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Product Overview

  • 7 qt. capacity
  • Made of professional aluminum 3mm
  • Come with one handle and aluminum handle
  • Made in Italy

Why did we choose aluminum to produce our professional cookware? The answer is in its multiple qualities: it adapts to different cooking techniques, has excellent conductivity that allows heat to spread evenly over the entire surface, is very light and therefore very easy to handle, is resistant to shocks, thermal shocks, to abrasions, corrosion, it does not require any maintenance and is an ecological material as it is 100% recyclable!

After copper, and copper 3, aluminum for food, it is by far the best heat conductor among the metals used to make pots. Inside an aluminum food container, the food cooks at the same temperature and the walls not covered by the cooked food do not overheat, thus preventing the carbonization of sprays or residues of food which in addition to altering the taste of the dishes are not very healthy. Its ability to conduct heat is 225W / °K. A container with good thermal conductivity allows:


  • The regulation and effective maintenance of the temperature in the various cooking phases
  • The uniform distribution of heat on all surfaces, both on the bottom and on the walls
  • The consequent reduction of local overheating and burns
  • Energy saving of heating sources
Model ALMA16528
Diameter 12 inches / 28 cm
Length 24 inches
Height 7 inches
Material Aluminum
Thickness 3 mm
Capacity 7 Quart
Product Type Sauce Pan
  • Made in Italy This product was made in Italy.
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