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Italforni Bull 64.5" Triple Deck Electric Pizza Oven - 208-240V, 13 kW

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Product Overview

  • 1 - 2 - 3 cooking chambers fully coated with refractory material
  • High performing and higly durable baking floor and ceiling
  • “Highper” armored heating elements integrated in the floor and ceiling stones
  • Digital touch control board • Independent chamber controls
  • Top and bottom separate temperature controls
  • Excellent temperature insulation
  • Top notch insulation materials
  • Max cooking temp 842° F (450° C)

Italforni's “BULL” oven is made of highly resistant steel and is coated with shock and high temperature-resistant, tempered and stained glass. Aesthetically pleasing, BULL has been designed to emphasize its rigorous and clean-cut lines. 208/240v/3ph

On the top a new style of hood adds character and personality to the entire unit. Consisting of 1,2 or 3 123x110x17 cm (6.75'' H x 48.50' L x 43.25'' D) chambers/Decks, BULL has uncommon technical features and adapts to any requirement. The design and prominent shape of the new extraction and motorized hood recall a bull’s head-forward stance.

The new control board consists of a series of digital controllers designed to manage both the oven and the proofer (optional) through function icons and touch-sensitive buttons.

The surface of the user interface is made of a single tempered glass, with a customized display, whose design and easy of use play a primary role. Humidity generator for each chamber optional. The extraction motorized hood, can be matched with a steam-damper kit complete with activated carbon filter for vapors and odors, making the connection to the flue not necessary. (If interested in the Humidity generator or the damper kit, sold separately, call for details...424.364.0075)

Use of new single heating elements inserted into the refractory stone of the top and bottom of the chamber, strengthened on the front side of the oven (door).

A 30% energy saving thanks to the double insulation created by the glass coat and by new ecological insulating fiber both on the chamber and the door, the latter equipped with double glass.

Oven(s) can be ordered with no stand, a stand with tray holders or with a proofer. Choose Red or Black tempered glass, number of decks and hood option when ordering.

Oven Deck Capacity (per deck): 12 pizzas @ 12'' (30.5cm) diameter 9 pizzas @ 14'' (35.5cm) diameter 5 pizzas @ 16'' (40.6cm) diameter

  • Made in Italy This product was made in Italy.