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Gresilva GV3 ECO Electric Vertical Rotisserie Grill

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Product Overview

  • Each compartment has its own minute timer
  • Number of grids: 3, Number of chickens: 9
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Buzzer timer allows control of the cooking time of each grid separately
  • Excellent heat radiation
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Best for butterfly chicken grilling
  • European CE certification

The GV3 ECO Vertical Grill is compact, does not require a sophisticated exhaust system, and is very easy to use. With 3 grills, it can roast up to 9 chickens – e.g., 1kg chicken in 20 minutes – with an average of 27 chickens per hour.



The Vertical Grills line is perfect for real barbecued chicken, free from fat and carbon residues, healthy, and with all the flavour that customers expect, while being fast and efficient in operation.

You can choose from several models depending on your production needs, from a range of four vertical grills with 2, 3, 4, or 5 grids for up to 15 chickens. Although it was originally designed with roast chicken in mind, the GRESILVA Vertical Electric Grill is also suitable for cooking other meats, such as kebabs or spare ribs.

Grilling is a practical and healthy way of cooking. And when it is done electrically, 
you get 100% natural heat emission, which affects neither the quality nor the taste of the grilled food, at the same time preserving its nutritional value.

With the heat source at the side, in the GRESILVA VERTICAL GRILL, there is no flame, which means that no benzopyrenes are formed. These are highly carcinogenic substances which are formed whenever organic material, especially of animal or vegetable origin, is charred.

Model GV3 ECO
Width 33.6 inches
Depth 49.4 inches
Height 60.7 inches
Voltage 208V
Rated Power 10.4 kW
Rated Current 33A
Capacity 9 Chickens
Number of Grates 3
Type Vertical Rotisserie Grill
  • Made in Portugal This product was made in Portugal.
  • CE Certified This item has been assessed and meets health, safety, and environmental requirements set by CE.
  • UL Canada & USA Certified by Underwriters Laboratories, this product has been stringently tested and meets US and Canada's safety standards.
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