Garland G2071 G2000 Series Deck Natural Gas Single Oven - 40,000BTU

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  • Product Description

    Bake Section 
    Bake section interior is 42" x 32" x 7". The 3/4" (19mm) thick Hearthite deck is provided as standard equipment. A 12 gauge steel hearth may be substituted if specified.

    • Burners: Each oven is heated by two "U" shaped tubular burners firing directly on heavy steel tread plate between the burners and the deck. In each oven section, a Heavy Duty snap/throttle gas thermostat controls burners to provide 150° to 500° F temperature range affording Low-Temp holding feature. Each section is further provided with an independent on-off gas valve and 100% safety pilot system.
    • Decks: Available in Single, Double or Triple Decks
    • Flue Diverter: Canopy diverter is standard. Direct connect diverter is also available.
    • General Purpose Section: Two compartments 42" x 32" x 7" each section. Each provided with its own deck and door. Standard deck is 3/4" thick Hearthite. A 12 gauge steel hearth may be substituted if specified
    • Intermediate Shelf: Shelf is removable and available for 12" and 16" Roast Sections ONLY. Overall dimensions are 371/2" wide x 281/2" deep.
    • Marine Equipment: Deck fasteners and door latches are available..
    • Optional Finish: Stainless steel back, top as required.
    • Oven Door: Oven door is engineered with precise balance and exceptional durability. Door opens to full width of oven cavity and to exact level of horizontal oven deck for unobstructed loading. Door will support in excess of 250-pound load.

    Roast Section

    The 12" roast interior is 42" x 32" x 12". Interior of the 16" section is 42" x 32" x 16". A 12 gauge steel hearth is provided as standard for both 12" and 16" sections.

    • Service: All controls are located outside the heat zone to minimize maintenance. Service requirements easily accessible from the front.
    • Standard Finish: Standard finish is stainless steel. Front, sides and legs.
    • Steam Injection: Internal steam injectors and accessories are available for bake sections. Steam injection is recommended for baking of hard rolls, Vienna bread, French bread and other hard-crusted breads. Steam supply is to be provided by others.
    • Venting: Canopy diverter (STD) or direct convert diverter (OPT) is provided to meet ventilating system requirements. Internal flues connect for stacking.
    Model G2071
    Width 55.25 Inches
    Height 50 Inches
    Control Type Analog Control
    Energy Type Natural Gas / Propane
    Material Construction Stainless Steel
    Installation Type Freestanding / Floor
    Total BTU 40,000 BTU/hour
    Temperature Range 150 - 500°F / 66 - 260°C
    Product Type Pizza Oven
  • NSF Certified This item meets NSF's standards that focuses on public health protection, ensuring the item is designed and constructed in a way that promotes food safety.
  • CSA Certified This item has been certified by the Canadian Standards Association.
  • CSA Design Certified Certified by the Canadian Standards Association and meets applicable US standards for gas-fired items.
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