EmberGlo 31F-Kabob 36" Propane Floor Open Hearth, Open Front Charbroiler

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    • Ceramic Hearth
    • Radiant Heat Cooking
    • Easy Maintenance and Operation
    • Self-cleaning Hearth
    • Zero Recovery Time for High Volume Broiling
    • No Messy Grease Tray(s)
    Product Description

    EmberGlo's eye-catching glowing hearth will reach a temperature of 1600° searing your meats yet preserving their natural flavor. Only EmberGlo® Gas Char Broilers feature the special inshot gas burners that supply broiling heat to a durable, completely ceramic hearth. The Barbriq® transmit searing radiant heat to the meat utilizing its natural juices and creating more natural fuel.

    Burner jets are located along the sides, in the recessed hearth, instead of below it. This design prevents the jets from becoming clogged with dripping grease or food particles, cleaning the burner unit with exceptional temperature control. Open Hearth Gas Broilers feature EmberGlo’s exclusive Flaretrol® system—the most effective means of flame control for open hearth broiling. When grease starts to flare up, simply flip the Flaretrol® switch and a steady stream of air brings the flames under control. EmberGlo's Open Heath Broilers give that great outdoor flavor with indoor convenience.

    Model 31F-Kabob
    Width 36 inches
    Depth 22 inches
    Height 41 inches
    Grill Width 30 inches
    Grill Depth 21 inches
    Max BTU/Hr Input 68,000 BTU
    Voltage 120V
    Hertz 60 Hz
    Ampage 1.5 amps
    Number of Burners 8
    BTU per Burner 8,500

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