Biro AFMG-52 Auto Feed Mixer Grinder With Size 52 Bowl

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  • Product Description

    The Biro Model AFMG-52 (Auto-Feed Mixer-Grinder) is the ideal workhorse for large supermarket meat rooms and medium sized processors and HRI plants. Its 7.5 hp (5.6 kW) motor (or optional 10 hp, 7.5 kW motor) provides a production output of up to 100 lbs. (45.5 kg) per minute to give you the productivity you need.

    The heavy duty roller chain auger drive system with tapered roller bearing journal box is separate from the heavy duty mixer motor interface gear drive system. The heavy duty stainless steel 200 lb. (91 kg) hopper and frame resist corrosion and damage, even in an environment of harsh cleaners. Your mixer grinder lasts longer and gives you more return on your investment. Power, durability, and low maintenance make the Biro Model AFMG-52 Auto-Feed Mixer- Grinder a meat room workhorse.


    Model: AFMG-52 Auto-Feed Mixer-Grinder
    Drive Systems: Auger-single reduction chain drive. Mixer -direct drive
    Switch: Watertight magnetic switch system with thermal overload protection. Magnetic safety interlocks on hopper lid, includes 12' 6-4 power cord.
    Bowl Type: Size 52, uses size 52 plate and knives
    Hopper Capacity: Up to 200 lbs
    Output Capacity: Up to 110 lbs. /minute
    Packaging Weight: 905 lbs.
    Dimensions (DWH): 27" x 25" x 54 7/8"
    Packaging Dimensions: 50" x 35" x 64"

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