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Serving Utensils

    Discover the essential serving utensils needed to complement both the front and back of your dining establishment, perfect for a variety of menu offerings. From ladles to tongs, serving forks, pie servers, and portion spoons, we provide the tools necessary for seamless service, whether you're dishing out soup behind the counter or allowing guests to serve themselves at soup and salad stations. With options including plastic ladles for dressings, our utensils cater to every need of your buffet, catered event, or commercial kitchen.

    Our commercial kitchen utensils are designed to fit any occasion. Ideal for handling both hot and cold items, and presented in numerous designs and materials to perfectly align with your establishment's aesthetic. Offering both plastic for cold dishes and scissor tongs for salads, our selection covers all bases. Bakeries will find our pie servers indispensable for slicing and serving cakes and pies.

    Designed for efficiency in the kitchen and convenience on self-serve tables, these utensils ensure guests have everything they need at their fingertips, promising a dining experience that flows as smoothly as your operations. Check out our food pans and chafers for food service equipment where you can use these utensils. Also make sure to check out other great items from Winco, Cambro and Browne.