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Saeco Coffee & Espresso Machines

    Experience the epitome of Italian coffee-making craftsmanship with our collection of Saeco Espresso Machines, a cherished choice among coffee aficionados and a top selection in our kitchen equipment offerings. Saeco, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality, has been revolutionizing the coffee experience since its inception in 1981 in Gaggio Montano, Italy. It proudly introduced the world to the “bean-to-cup” concept in 1985, an innovative system that transforms fresh coffee beans into exquisite espresso with just a touch of a button.

    Our Saeco collection features Philips-Saeco super-automatic espresso machines that promise a seamless coffee-making journey. From the aromatic espresso to the creamy cappuccino, latte, or macchiato topped with fresh frothed milk from the integrated milk frother, Saeco machines offer customization at every step, ensuring each cup is tailored to your personal taste. Renowned for their quality, these semi and fully automatic machines are perfect for home, office, or restaurant use.

    Saeco's legacy is rich with milestones, including the pioneering removable brew group in its first domestic super-automatic espresso machine. The collaboration with Philips since 2009 propelled Saeco into a global domain, innovating further with new technologies and patents. The acquisition of Gaggia in 1999 and the incorporation into the EVOCA Group in 2017 have further cemented Saeco's position as a beacon of Italian excellence in the coffee sector.

    Dive into our selection of Saeco Espresso Machines, where each model embodies the heritage, innovation, and craftsmanship of a brand dedicated to bringing authentic Italian coffee culture right to your cup.