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Choosing the Best Crown Verity BBQ

BBQ season is upon us and what better way to kick off the season with a brand-new Crown Verity BBQ.

Fortunately, Crown Verity provides a variety of options to choose from. But what’s suitable for you?

Size Matters

When it comes to outdoor grills and BBQs, size must be considered vastly. From backyard parties to large catered events, knowing the type of production you’ll be doing will help determine the size of unit you’re looking for.

Crown Verity BBQ 24”-36”:

Ideal for:

  • Lower production
  • Smaller caterer/restauranteur
  • Tailgate events
  • Company picnics
  • Church picnics
  • Smaller backyard parties
Crown Verity BBQ 36”-60”:

Ideal for:

  • Medium production
  • Golf clubs
  • Social clubs
  • Mid-sized caterers
  • Rentals
  • Concessions
Crown Verity BBQ 60”-72”:

Ideal for:

  • Larger production
  • BBQ Competitions
  • Larger Golf Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Large Caterers
  • Fairs
BBQ Size Production Burners BTUs
24" Low 3 49,500
30" Low 4 64,500
36" Low/Medium 5 79,500
48" Medium 6 99,000
60" Medium/High 8 129,000
72" High 10 159,000
What's your type?

Everyone has their own sense of preference. When it comes to BBQ’s, distinguishing your taste and needs will go a long way in solidifying the right BBQ for you.


Power, performance and durability. These commercialized units are built to ensure that professional chefs around the world can operate with 100% efficiency. Accustomed for any type of commercialized business, from restaurants, golf courses, hotels and more, these BBQ’s are built for all sorts of your specialized needs.

Quick Summary of Commercial Crown Verity BBQs

Roll Dome Mobile Package
  • Suitable for maneuvering commercial kitchens outdoor
  • These designs contain wheels or removable stands
  • Ideal for cleaning efficiency, storage and product flexibility
Built-in BBQs
  • Focal point for outdoor kitchens
  • These BBQ’s are built into outdoor cooking area
  • Provide a permanent centerpiece with an appealing look for long-term visual representation
Hotel Series BBQ
  • Commercial performance with gorgeous finishes
  • Aesthetic appearances for both Cart and Island Grills that will fit venues accordingly
  • Designed for high performance commercial use
  • Versatile BBQ system with a number of cooking options
Wind Guard BBQs
  • Designed for the home and rental market use
  • Ideal for grilling in wide open areas where containing heat is necessary
  • Convenience of converting into many different cooking options
  • Perfect for those wishing to show off their foods while cooking
Towable BBQs
  • Mounted on a trailer for easy transport to venues
  • Optional storage compartments
  • Intended for tailgates, renting or catering industries

Choosing the right BBQ is essential to satisfy your wants and needs. Now that you’ve gathered some information, you can officially make BBQ season a year-round occurrence!

What BBQ do you think is suitable for you?

NOTE: Availability of fuel type per BBQ may vary. (Gas, Propane, Charcoal)

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