Victorinox 86503 PerformanceSHIELD Cut Resistant Glove

CAD $24.00 / each
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    • Wrist band color-green
    • Industrial polyester in outer cover
    • Durability & cut resistant
    • Washable & bleach safe
    Product Description

    With great feel and durability, the Victorinox 86503 PerformanceSHIELD Cut Resistant Glove is the preferred way to protect your hands from cuts and scrapes.

    Constructed using Spectra fibers and industrial polyester in the outer cover, this glove is exceptionally suited for resisting the occasional wandering blade. Elastic over banding in the cuff is color coded to help you separate gloves by size, making it easy to find this medium glove.

    Completely washable and bleach safe! Keeping your staff safe in a busy kitchen should be one of your top priorities, and outfitting each member with a pair of these Cut Resistant Gloves is an excellent way to start!

    Model 86503
    Length Wrist
    Material Fiber / Polyester
    Size Medium
    Color White
    Cut Resistant Yes
    Product Type Gloves

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