Philips Saeco 2100 Easy Cappuccino Machine - Silver - HD8652/14

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    • Enjoy 4 beverages at the touch of a button
    • Easily prepare milk-based beverages with an automatic milk frother and convenient milk carafe
    • 2 aroma settings and 5 grinder settings
    • Small size means it'll fit right into any kitchen
    • Durable 100% ceramic grinders are certified to create 20,000 cups of coffee
    • Create, adjust, and store your personal user profile
    • Fully removable brewing group for effortless cleaning
    Product Description

    Delicious and professionally brewed espresso and cappuccino can be yours at the touch of a button with the Philips Saeco 2100 Easy Cappuccino Machine.

    Thanks to its convenient size and frontal access, this super-automatic espresso machine is designed from the inside out to fit right into any kitchen or space.

    Make the perfect cup in no time

    With the 2100 series cappuccino machine you’ll be able to easily prepare and enjoy four different beverages. Whether you’re craving espresso, cappuccino, coffee, or simply steamed milk, this small but powerful machine has you covered.

    This espresso machine uses 100% ceramic grinders to help extract more of the pure coffee taste than regular grinders. The ceramic material creates an ideal grind that lets water flow freely through it while ensuring the grounds don’t overheat, which can bring out a burnt taste. Philips Saeco’s ceramic grinders are extremely durable and certified to create 20,000 cups of the very best coffee beverages!

    Personalizing your drink is also easier than ever. Easily adjust the brew time and select between two aroma strength settings as well as five grinder settings to make your drink exactly the way you like it. Store your selection at the touch of a button in your own personal user profile so you can brew the perfect cup again and again.

    Philips Saeco’s Thermoblock aluminum and stainless steel body also helps ensure every cup of coffee or espresso made is served hot at the perfect temperature.

    Automatic Milk Frother

    The Philips Saeco 2100 easy cappuccino machine is equipped with an automatic milk frother and carafe for preparing milk-based coffee beverages like a professional every time. Simply fill the carafe with milk, insert the milk tube into the carafe, and attach the other end to the frother. Press the cappuccino button and watch as this intelligent machine dispenses both espresso with perfectly steamed and frothed milk right into your cup.

    Effortless Cleaning

    Never worry about brewing old grounds again thanks to this espresso machine’s Auto-Rinse feature that automatically cleans out the coffee circuit every time it’s switched on or off. You’ll be able to continuously enjoy a fresh tasting cup of coffee or espresso with every use. Clean out milk residue from the automatic frother after every use with the simple milk clean function.

    This cappuccino and espresso maker also features a fully removable brewing group that helps make regular weekly cleanup effortless, so you can focus on that perfect drink and not the mess or maintenance of the machine.

    Model HD8652/14
    Width 11.61 inches
    Depth 12.79 inches
    Height 16.53 inches
    Coffee Bean Capacity 80 grams
    Water Capacity 1 Litre
    Milk Capacity 0.5 Litre
    Waste Capacity 8 servings
    Max Cup Height 3.74 inches (95 mm)
    Aroma Settings 2
    Grinder Settings 5
    Milk Solution Automatic Milk Frother
    Colour Silver
    Style Super Automatic
    Type Espresso Machine

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