Gaggia Deco DP2GR Espresso Machine

$7,436.00 / each
Product Description

It was designed to meet, at the best every demand. Thanks to the raised group heads and the extractible supplementary grid it's possible to use a mug as well as a small espresso cup.

  • 13-liter stainless-steel boiler with visible boiler-water gauge  
  • Integrated Procon volumetric pump
  • Two independent heat exchangers
  • A manual coffee button and four programmable coffee buttons
  • Sloped, ergonomic portafilter handles
  • Stainless-steel steam and hot water wands
  • Mixing valve, with on/off option, designed to eliminate steam output from hot-water wand. Two hot-water buttons
  • Option to enable or disable programmable coffee buttons and “continuous key,” feature which lets the barista dispense coffee non-stop
  • Probe and filter alarms alert users if the filter needs to be changed or the temperature probe has been disconnected
  • Display screen can be set to show tech support contact and phone number
  • One and three-phase 220-240V power supply
  • 151-watt electric cup warmer equipped with on and off switch