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Filtercorp 60-lb Aluminum Vacuum Portable Filter Machine - LS-1-60

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Product Overview

  • Increased durability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Removable pan for easy cleaning
  • Sturdy construction and high quality finish
  • Uses SuperSorb CarbonPad for improved filtration compared to traditional filter media
  • One-piece CarbonPad holder is easier to use than paper holders and powder additives
  • Patented CarbonPad holder provides positive seal so all oil must pass through the CarbonPad

The Filtercorp LS-1-60 is a 60 lb Portable Fryer Filter. The filter is constructed of sturdy anodized aluminum for increased durability and reduced weight. Model is simple to operate with a removable pan for easy cleaning. One piece carbon pad holder is easier to use than paper holders and powder additives. Works with SuperSorb carbonpads for improved filtration compared to traditional filter media. Features a safety no splash nozzel. Compact for easy storage. 60 lb oil capacity.

Filtering of frying fats and oils has been recognized by the food service industry as a necessary procedure to maximize an oil’s fry-life and to maintain acceptable fried food quality. Most of the food particles that speed the oil’s breakdown are sub-micron in size; as a result, they continue to accumulate and circulate in the oil despite traditional filtering. Nylon mesh baskets and Paper and Powder methods offer little more than crumb removal. Therefore, there is limited effective counteraction to the oil breakdown process

Model LS-1-60
Width 16.75 Inches
Depth 23.75 Inches
Height 27.25 Inches
Pan Height 11.75 Inches
Voltage 115V
Hourse Power 0.33 hp
Ampage 6.2 Amps
Total Pan Capacity 12.1 Gallons / 1.63 cu. ft.
Oil Capacity 7.7 Gallons / 60 Lb
Energy Type Electric
GPM 4.6 GPM at 1750 RPM
  • NSF Certified This item meets NSF's standards that focuses on public health protection, ensuring the item is designed and constructed in a way that promotes food safety.
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