Nella 15" Blade Omas Meat Slicer - SE9 37E

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    • Ideal to cut the finest hams and salami
    • High cutting precision and slightest slices than ever to best enhance your products excellence
    • Design slicer, fusion of tradition and creativity
    • Microprocessor-based control system technology and extremely advanced and innovative technical solutions ahead to support the professional delicatessen operator manual sensitivity
    Product Description

    Innovation and design
    The flywheel OMAS SE9 37E is a high precision slicer, with advanced features and great aesthetic impact, it is a symbol of our quality and craftsmanship.We assure you perfect results in cutting the finest hams with the best ease of operation. Our most advanced technological research has permitted us to apply a microprocessor-based control system technology on slicers to manage all the different automatic cycles with which the machines are delivered, making them absolutely modern and innovative.

    Mode of use
    SE9 37E can be operated partly or fully automatically. If the machine is operated only partly automatically, the operator can offer customers the manual delicacy typical of the professional deli-shop without losing the support of very innovative technical solutions. If operated completely automatically, the operator can be sure of a high production and a constant and excellent quality of the cut, also thanks to a technical solution that moves the product holder away from the blade during the return stroke to avoid the product contact against blade and gauge plate.

    Cutting capacity
    The precise slice-thickness knob (0 – 4 mm) assures very thin slices, for the enjoyment of the taste of your special products and to obtain the most, in terms of quality and quantity, from the best hams and salami. Extra-large, tempered and chromium-plated blades, 370mmdiameter, to guarantee a perfect cut without waste, essential if you are processing fine products. The pusher, a twin-support arm, is an important strength, it prevents the displacement of the product on the plate, so that all slices are perfectly cut. Ideal big and irregular products.


    • Used Unit
    • 30 Day Warranty
    • Good Condition
    • Scratches and Marks throughout
    Model SE9 37E
    Width 30.32 inches
    Depth 36.22 inches
    Height 27.95 inches
    Blade Size 15 inches / 370 mm
    Cutting Size 9 x 7.5 inches
    Cut Thickness 0 - 4 mm
    Material Aluminum
    Colour Red
    Flywheel Flower
    Power Type Manual
    Type Omas Meat Slicer
  • Made in Italy This product was made in Italy.
  • ETL Certified Determined through independent testing and periodic follow-up inspections by NRTL. This item meets North American product safety standards and published industry standards.
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