Cole & Mason H101119 Wallis Acrylic Nutmeg Mill

CAD $19.99 / each
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    • Hold 4-6 nutmegs
    • Chrome handle, easy action grinding
    • Chamber for storage - nutmegs not included
    • Serrated steel grinding blades cut through the nutmeg kernel
    • Not suitable for dishwashers
    Product Description

    A high quality acrylic nutmeg mill, which holds up to 6 nutmeg kernels in the chamber, making it easy to store and re-load the grinder. The 2 stainless steel serrated blades effortlessly cut through each kernal for a superior grind releasing the full and fresh flavour of the spice. The chrome crank handle makes grinding easy and quick to use.

    This is a great tool for all cooks to help add spice into a variety of dishes from mashed potato to desserts such as custards and crumbles. The spring loaded mechanism pushes the nutmeg into the serrated blades for a consistent grind. The design features a unique ‘lift and deliver’ mechanism in the handle to guarantee the next nutmeg will fall into place.

    Model H101119
    Height 5.7 Inches
    Width 2.75 Inches
    Depth 1.5 Inches
    Material Acrylic
    Piece Counts 1
    Color Clear
    Product Type Nutmeg Mill

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