Cleveland KGL-60-T Manual 60-Gallon Natural Gas Tilting Steam Kettle - 190,000 BTU

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Product Description

Cook faster, more consistent meals while saving even more on energy with the Cleveland KGL-60-T 60-Gallon Natural Gas Tilting Steam Kettle.

This unit is ideal for large restaurants, hotels, and other commercial establishments because of its ability to quickly heat up large volumes of liquid. Steam kettles are the perfect appliance for cooking soup, delicate sauces, gravies, rice, meat, and much more.

Extremely Efficient

The Cleveland KGL-60-T has a massive capacity of 60 gallons, which will produce around 960 (8 oz) bowls of your signature soup or special.

Unlike with using a stock pot and range where heat is only emitted from the bottom, steam jacketed kettles feature a cooking surface that covers two-thirds of the pot allowing much more of the product to come into contact with the heat source. This provides you with much faster cooking times while using around 35% less energy.

Using natural gas as its source of heat, this kettle boasts 190,000 BTU/hr of power with fast heat-up and recovery times that are essential when producing large quantities of product in a short amount of time.

Sturdy and Practical Design

The KGL-60-T is NSF certified and extremely durable. Both the kettle and supports are constructed out of 304 stainless steel with a #4 finish that’s easy-to-clean and guaranteed to stand up in high traffic kitchens. It’s mounted on support legs with adjustable, flanged feet that can be bolted to the ground for added security.

It features water resistant controls and a wide butterfly-shaped pouring lip for accurately serving your product with less mess. The kettle also includes a roller bearing tilting mechanism with a case hardened self-locking worm and segment gear. Tilting the kettle is effortless with the hand wheel located right beside the pot.

Accurate and Precise Controls

The steam kettle is controlled with solid state temperature controls that are more accurate than a mechanical thermostat. It’s able to maintain a precise and consistent temperature with less than a 1-degree variance, which is critical when simmering delicate recipes.

It also features an ON/OFF power switch and two LED lights that indicate the heat cycle as well as when water is low.

Model KGL-60-T
Width 49.37 inches
Depth 47.25 inches
Height to Kettle Top 43.75 inches
Height of Kettle Lid Open 75 inches
Kettle Capacity 60 Gallons / 225 Litres
Serving Capacity (8 oz.) 960 Servings
Installation Type Floor Model
Tilting Mechanism Handwheel
Power Type Natural Gas
Gas Inlet Size 3/4 inch
Water Inlet Size 1/2 inch
Kettle Jacket Size 2/3 of Kettle
Jacket Pressure 50 Psi
Total BTU 190,000 BTU
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Type Steam Kettle
  • NSF Certified This item meets NSF's standards that focuses on public health protection, ensuring the item is designed and constructed in a way that promotes food safety.
  • CSA Certified This item has been certified by the Canadian Standards Association.
  • 3/4" Gas Connection This unit uses a 3/4" gas inlet connection.
  • CSA Design Certified Certified by the Canadian Standards Association and meets applicable US standards for gas-fired items.