Stagionello 100 kg Curing Cabinet - 41474

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    • Enjoy up to 100 kg of perfectly cured meat in an average of 20 days!
    • Perfect for curing, drying, fermenting, seasoning, and preserving a variety of meats professionally, with less time
    • Fumotic system produces and controls humidity and flavouring of the meat inside the cabinet
    • Easily control all aspects of the aging process with the easy-to-use touch screen and highly developed software of the ClimaTouch management system
    • Store approximately 100 recipes in the 352 kB of internal memory included in the ClimaTouch system
    • Completely constructed out of AISI 304 stainless steel, a non-porous, easy-to-clean, and long-lasting material
    • Cabinet comes equipped with adjustable stainless steel legs and 20 stainless steel rods for hanging meats
    Product Description

    Perfectly cure, dry, ferment, and preserve meat in no time with the Stagionello 100 kg Curing Cabinet.

    By replicating a series of microclimates, the curing cabinet is able to maintain an ideal environment perfect for traditional salami processing. You’ll be able to cure up to 100 kg of meat in an average of 20 days thanks to a commercial grade system that allows for an optimal temperature in a short period of time.

    Excellent Humidification and Flavouring Functions

    The Stagionello cabinet is equipped with the patented Fumotic system. It produces and controls the humidity inside the cabinet by releasing moisture brought in from an external water tank attached to the roof of the cabinet.

    The Fumotic system uses a similar method for smoking and aromatizing your meat by taking a flavoured liquid from the aroma tank (separate from the water tank) and spraying it into the cabinet.

    Revolutionary Control System

    This curing cabinet also features ClimaTouch, a management and control system with highly developed software designed for traditional food processing. The 6-inch colour touch screen gives you direct control over your recipe as well as allows you to easily start a new one, or create and save more for later. The controller can also automatically manage the temperature, humidity, air speed, and smoking/flavouring process for the entire recipe.

    ClimaTouch has 352 kB of internal memory for storing approximately 100 recipes. It comes pre-programmed with 30 recipes you can try right away.

    High Quality Design and Construction

    This Stagionello curing cabinet is constructed out of AISI 304 stainless steel, a non-porous steel that’s extremely durable and easy to wipe clean. The body and door of the cabinet have been injected with CFC free polyurethane foam insulation making it highly energy efficient. The door is built with insulated glass panels and has a UV protection of 59%.

    The curing cabinet also features a number of alarms that will help protect and prolong its life. For example, it has an alarm that notifies you when the water tank is low, preventing accidental damage caused by an empty tank. The cabinet comes equipped with adjustable stainless steel legs and 20 stainless steel bars for hanging meats.

    Model 41474
    Width 28.74 inches
    Depth 30.7 inches
    Height 83 inches
    Voltage 220V
    Wattage 2.6 kW
    Amps 11 Amps
    Hertz 60 Hz
    Meat Capacity 100 kg (220.46 lb)
    Working Temperature -5 - 50°C / 23 - 122°F
    Storage Temperature -10 - 70°C / 14 - 158°F
    Ambient Relative Humidity Less than 90% RH
    Water Inlet 3/4 inches diameter
    Water Outlet 1/2 inches diameter
    Internal Memory 352 kB RAM
    Material AISI 304 stainless steel
    Type Curing Cabinet
  • Made in Italy This product was made in Italy.
  • Bare Wire This product comes bare wire and must be hardwired. There is no standard plug.
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